it's an assortment (or a "mixed bag" as you call it) of heartaches i've written for you / about you
i guess you can call them couplets, or something along those lines

to chase the sun across the world,
to be blessed with the scent of its rays,
only to melt in your arms- mixing colors- when the day is spent

i wish i could write you all the poems in the world.
you deserve so many beautiful words i'm incapable of expressing on my own.

i long for you to hold me as if you were born to
as if it were your second nature to fill out the curves in my back.

i try and memorize our conversations, so i don't forget what you sound like.
so i don't confuse your voice with the insecure one i have.

i see you in everything i do, how can i not miss you?
how can i not hope the buzz in my phone is you?

i want to share with you the good things that happen to me,
but i guess i'll ball it up in my fists instead,
tighten my lips to keep from overflowing
at least, until you get home.