remember the phrase, "to frame (the words you say) in my mind's eye" ? that applies here
simply put, these are my favorite lines you've ever said- that you may not ever realize how much they've affected me
some may be paraphrased or rewritten [my voice], but it's all still (you)

this one, though... i still look back on it. i love words of affirmation so,
imagine my oversized heart melting from the warmth of your words, sent at 3 in the morning, with me waking up to it
i'll hold onto these words, even if we've been through things that might dampen their meaning...
i won't ever forget how you made me feel.


Hey babe idk if you awake but I just wanted to say I love you and care about you alot I'm sorry for always causing you doubt and I never want to lose you I'll love you forever and always

  1. look at it this way. i get to fall in love with you all over again.
  2. i wish you could read my mind to see how much space you take up.
  3. i love you babe. i really do. [or]
    i love you. i do. i feel like i want to be with you forever [or]
    i found love in you. now, i will love you forever [or]
    love isn't always eternal, but i'm sure mine for you is
  4. i'll make it up to you.
  5. i don't mind.
  6. [after winning a duo game as morgana] my gf best support- ever
    [starts quietly squealing, grinning like a mad man, rolling around on the floor, the works]
  7. i only want your love and affection [among other things you said that night].
  8. i love you too much to lose you and push you away when i need you the most.
  9. no, i want to stay awake so i can talk to you.
  10. i want you to move in so i can hold you every night.
  11. [what can i do to make you smile ?] simply exist.
    [laughs] oh you're laughing now, but i'm actually deadass serious. [pauses, then dies a second time]
  12. what about you? how can i make you smile/blush? [nicknames, your voice, compliments] duly noted.
  13. [how do you say "beautiful" in tagalog?]
    *you hesitate, then say my name* [is now a blushing mess]
  14. imma spend the entire day with you tomorrow.
  15. [if i kissed you, would that shut you up ?] only if i could get to feel your lips. [literally dies]
  16. [i like you a lot.] well, i love you a lot.
    [do you still have a crush on me ?] nah.
    [so, you're past having a crush ?] yeah
  17. [is there anything i can do to help you feel better?] i need a hug from you.
    [but tsiko- you know i- would you settle for a kiss instead?] no, i need a hug.
    [do you have a pillow?] only from you.
  18. i don't think my feelings for you are gonna change any time soon.
  19. [i don't wanna see you with someone else.] neither do i wanna see you with someone else...
  20. [do you want me to be permanent...?] i do.
  21. marriage doesn't scare me.
  22. i'm aiming to marry you, so... i don't think i'd mind raising a kid with you.
  23. i'll try and be the best bf ever.
  24. i don't necessarily need anything from you, but i want you as a person
    (and whatever weird things that come with being with you).
  25. [in response to me saying a girl was "really pretty" in a movie] not as pretty as you.