Is it possible for you to get away with it?
So long as I'm me and you're you,
and the world contains the both of us,
me the loving and you the loathe,
The other
must chase the one who is eluding him.

I'm afraid my existence has finally become a flaw-
it appears
far too fated!
Even if I give it my all,
I'm not sure I'll succeed-
but what if I don't accomplish my goal here?

It's only to keep the nerves tense,
to wipe away tears and chuckle at a mishap.
And bewildered,
get up and start all over again-
thus the chase consumes one's entire life.

While you're about it,
take a quick peek from your furthest horizon.
So far down in the mud
and darkness,
at me,
I shape myself-
Ever Removed!
As soon as the old hope falls to the ground,
a new one rises up,
straight to the same mark.