Are you awake?


i can't exactly remember what the dream looked like, but i remember (vaguley) what it was about.
i was some place with my mom and my sisters. it was a dark place, a living room. my mom was arguing with me because i was making plans with my college friend and someone else (i don't know, a stranger in real life but a friend in the dream), but she said i should only be making plans with my boyfriend because it wasn't fair that i was spending time with other people.
i told her that it's okay for a person in a couple to spend time with other people. my boyfriend plays video games with his friends since he isn't able to meet up with any of them.
she got mad at me for saying that and grabbed my phone from my hands as i was texting them.
i can't tell whether i'm arguing with my subconscious or if this is an awakening i needed, since i do get possessive and i limit who i hang out with out of respect for my boyfriend... in the dream, it felt logical to go through with hanging out with my friends, but my mom was telling me otherwise.
i don't know. i could be reaching, but that's unfortunately all i can remember.


i was back in college, in a huge lecture hall. i don't know what class it was, but the professor was some old white guy. i was taking an exam i think, or retaking an exam along with a lot of people.
i got a lot of questions wrong, mostly because they were opinion questions and i gave my opinion but i didn't clarify it, or they were wrong because my teacher didn't like my answers. one of the questions was on polyamory for some reason, and i had to rewrite my answer because my first answer ("it's okay, but not for me") wasn't sufficient. i don't remember the rest of the questions/answers.
the professor was doing his best to distract the students by playing videos during the exam. for some reason one of them was a video of straykids performing (i blame my sister for this). the students thought the atmosphere was light and fun so we started talking to one another. i started talking to two of my friends and we compared answers. then the teacher stopped the video and only yelled at me specifically, even though i was in the very back of the lecture hall.
everyone else simply copied their previous answers to a new copy of the exam, but i was rewriting my answers so i can get a higher grade than the previous exams i failed (2). everyone else finished before me until i was the only one left; i was going over the alotted exam time. i took so long my boyfriend came to get me from my class as i was getting more and more frustrated.
my professor told me the point of the exam was to keep the grade i got and to streamline the grading process for him. he told me to just bring him what i had and he'd grade it. but then, once he started looking over the new answers, he started laughing and making fun of them.
he then said one way i can raise my grade is to strip to my underwear and allow him to take photos of my body. i refused and started yelling at him, telling him how hard i worked on the exams, and how i even skipped breakfast this morning to make it on time to these exams, and that i wasn't going to stoop to his level of depravity. he only kept laughing.
i left the room crying, where my boyfriend was consoling me and hugging me as we walked. i don't remember how the dream ended after that.


i had a weird fever dream where i felt like i was awake but asleep at the same time. i think i was sitting in my bf's lap and he was hugging me, i was facing away from him. we were at a desk and there was a monitor showing something. he squeezed me and somehow i could feel it outside of the dream. he then started kissing my right shoulder, and i could feel how light the kisses were. he moved up to my neck, and it felt nice. i then woke myself up because it was tripping me out.


i had a dream that me and my bf and a lot of my old classmates were in class together and we were presenting videos we made for the class. i enlisted the help of a few girls in a club i'm in to star in the video, but i got embarassed and left the room.
my boyfriend showed his video and turns out it was about me so i left the room embarassed again. his video was clips of a movie edited together but it was of a guy essentially saying "i want a future with this woman."
another video we saw was very weird, in documentary style. the guy in the video also had a girl working with him, and they were trying to catch a chicken in the mud, while being half-naked.
once we were done showing our videos, we did a scavenger hunt thing where we had to go around and see if we had similarities between each other, and i wrote down a few people's names. then i just sat next to my boyfriend for the rest of it and talked to him. i don't remember the rest of the dream.


the dream was pretty big/long. i dreamt i went to this two floor cafe but i didn't order anything, i was just looking for a place to sit down and study. i walked around for a while until i went to the third floor, where (i think) a college tour was going on and i got caught up in it because i saw an old high school friend leading the tour. there's a gap in my memory for what happens next.
we end up in a mall with the college tour group who were all in uniform. we were in a cramped clothes store and found a secret elevator to one of the top floors of the mall. we got there and we were in an abandoned museum. it was pretty clean, the walls were curved and blue and some paintings were hung on it. the art in the frame, though, looked like it was made by ai to replicate the beauty of minecraft.
my high school friend got a call from someone (his boss? idk) and his boss said he's done putting up a front that he cares about humanity, or something along those lines, and he hung up. we were essentially abandoned in that museum with no way out. i don't know how the dream ended.


i went to the grocery store (probably walmart) but it was in the middle of people scrambling for the apocalpyse, i bought a lot of stuff but forgot an essential so i had to leave my place in front of the cashier to grab it. when i came back, people left my stuff untouched.
it was dark and raining outside, and i asked a young woman, around my age, blonde hair, if i could ride with her because i walked all the way there. i asked her to drive me home and she agreed. i was in the passenger seat as we drove. the headlights were the only light on the road.
as we were driving we had to swerve to avoid these black creatures in the road that drew the car to them. they were mist-like and their tendrils reached out. i don't remember anything else.